Sam Buh Hotel
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Sam Buh Hotel
Everest tour provides accommodation for both group
and individual guests in Sam Buh Hotel.
Citizens of Uzbekistan
Standard rooms
Single 120 000 sum
Double 160 000 sum
Triple 210 000 sum
Single 200 000 sum
Double 300 000 sum
Foreign citizens
Standard rooms
Single 200 000 sum
Double 300 000 sum
Single 300 000 sum
Double 400 000 sum

Price includes: Accommodation, parking cars, breakfast.

Price does not include: Lunch and dinner

Sam Buh Hotel adress: 10, impasse 2, Tsekhovaya str.; Tashkent, 100070 Uzbekistan; Tel./Fax: (+99871) 120 88 26; +99871) 120 88 21; E-mail:
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Hotel Sam Buh in Uzbekistan. Inexpensive hotel in the center of Tashkent.
Cozy hotel in Uzbekistan. Cheap prices for accommodation in Tashkent.
One of the first private hotels in Uzbekistan. Hotel in Tashkent Sam Buh.
Quiet, comfortable hotel in the center of Tashkent.
Studio Genesis. Uzbekistan, TashkentGenesis
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